Marlboro? What Marlboro?

If looking at the above image suddenly inspires an unprecedented urge to grab a smoke and start puffing away, that’s because Marlboro wants you to buy their cigarettes. Or at least that’s how the conspiracy theory goes. It turns that the Ferrari Formula One racing team is trying to sneak an allusion of the Marlboro […]

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Ferrari 612 GTO Concept

We won’t be wrong if we say that this concept is the best Ferrari concept car from designers who have never worked in the design department of Ferrari. This extraordinarily beautiful super car is called Ferrari 612 GTO. The creator of this concept – Sasha Selipanov from Berlin, Germany. Concept Ferrari 612 GTO by Sasha […]

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Roky Erickson

The God Father of Horror Rock n Roll Roky Erickson is a legendary rock & roll pioneer from Austin, Texas.  As singer and songwriter in the highly acclaimed 13th Floor Elevators, he helped usher in the psychedelic era starting in 1965.  Subsequently, his solo work was on the cutting edge of what would become known […]

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How Designers Fail

Always Right, Always Best, All the Time At its root, failure is the opposite of success, but few young designers encounter failure. Worse, they are over-confident because of how adept they are (or think they are) with computer media: parents or former art teachers have patted them on the back for years, praising their performance […]

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