Creative Experience vs Design Education

How could you choose one over the other?

Unfortunately most employment opportunities are increasingly  leaning towards the higher spectrum of Design Education.

Lets take 3 different candidates

Candidate 1:
Has obvious creative talent with little too no design education. These types of creatives exude  great personal expression through creativity.  They are usually fairly young and are fully aware of their creative talents early on, however may lack real life experience. Taking creative direction and accepting criticism  from others may be difficult. Also voicing a constructive rebuttal to thoroughly explain and  defend their work may be quite bewildering.

Candidate 2:
Has studied extensively gaining a high ranking design education. Also fairly young, these students may also have little design or real life experience. Being young and design educated  may lead to being over confident and cocky. This is not good for personal development, responding positively  to criticism usually does not come easily. A big ego means poor attitude and may get in the way of employability.

Candidate 3:
Has a high level of creative talent, with real life experience and a mid level to high design education. Usually well adjusted, can take criticism at the same time voice a constructive rebuttal keeping all parties happy, designer, employer and customer. These experienced creatives usually know what works right off the bat. limiting costly alterations and reproofing. At this stage in their career a  strong work ethic should be present.

I personally would hedge my bets on candidate 3, in my book, experience always trumps education without experience.

Having a little  of both is exceptional.

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