A True Role Model – Bill Cosby


Cosby holds a special place in my heart.  Growing up, I remember watching the Cosby Show but never truly enjoying what it had to offer until now.  have my own family has made me  realize the entertaining power and cultural significance of the legendary show.  Cosby remains a legend and genius in the world of wholesome comedy, and as a figure coming into prominence just after the Civil Rights Movement, he remains a prominent black figurehead in America today.  An individual who continues to encourage and press on about the furthering of black education, Cosby is a person who has managed to transcend the comedic boundaries and become a voice that is highly respected.  He has also managed to retain a certain level of style throughout it all.


Cosby’s mean mug.  Nice peak lapel double breasted.


Being the goofball that made him famous.


Cosby going up for the J.


Jump hook, not even looking at the hoop.


We all think Jordan was the first to pull off the basketball tongue.  Wrong.


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