Priest fronts appeal to creative community for disability group Yooralla

Melbourne priest Bob Maguire stars in a new campaign to change public perceptions of disabilty. The campaign, devised by Melbourne-based shop Mustard Creative Agency, centres on a t-shirt design competition targeted at the creative community.

The push, which introduces the line that uses on the theme ‘disability equals diversity’, was backed by disability services not-for-profit group Yooralla team, which teamed up with t-shirt retailer T-Bar.


This is my design for the competition…. However I don’t think I’ll be able to submit it due to copyright issues.

Any feed back would be welcome



T the competition will see 16 designs selected by popular votesold in select T-Bar stores. One finalist will get a contract to design t-shirts for T-Bar for a cash prize.

The campaign will be supported by out of home, direct and social media activity.

Tony Lee, strategy director at Mustard, said: “We’d like to encourage creative professionals to participate, contribute to the conversation, and design a tee for this worthwhile cause.”

“All illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, copywriters and artists should enter the competition to help transform positive images of disability into wearable messages that matter.”

Priest fronts appeal to creative community for disability group Yooralla    YoorallaTEE Poster 234x330



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