LetterMpress is a creative environment that lets you design beautiful compositions with vintage wood type and art cuts on a virtual hand-driven printing press. LetterMpress gives you the experience of producing your designs on a letterpress — placing and arranging type on the press bed, inking, and then turning the hand crank to make a print.

Every step in the printing process is replicated on the iPad, to give you an authentic, interactive experience.

The app lets you design using authentic wood type and ‘vintage art cuts’, and create items including fine art style posters, signage, and lots more. This started off as a Kickstarter project and now it’s good to see it up and running.


Version 1.1.0: A short overview of new features, including new typefaces, type size specification, and Undo/Redo.

Release Trailer: A short introduction to LetterMpress, version 1.0.

App Overview: This three minute video gives an overview of LetterMpress and shows how the interface design correlates with printing on a real letterpress.

Tutorial: A short overview of placing type, moving around, and zooming in and out of the press bed.

Tutorial: A short summary of performing shortcuts, such as cleaning the press bed, changing the paper stock, and others.

Kickstarter.com Video: This video introduced the LetterMpress project to Kickstarter backers in February of 2011.

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